About Me

My Name is Katie

I’m a Certified Life Coach, with a bachelor’s degree in social work, helping talented but unmotivated teenagers.

I know what it’s like to be on the road to success; attend good schools, participate in sports/extracurriculars, and have parents who pushed me. And still, lack motivation and ambition.

Despite good grades and various achievements, I wasn’t scratching the surface in reaching my potential.

No goals
Careless decisions
Eating junk and physically inactive
Poor sleep habits

Sound Familiar?

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Tools to Emotional Health

Chalking it up as “just a teenager thing” wasn’t enough. Waiting for a new semester or Mondays to create a fresh start didn’t work either.

Actual change occurred when I learned what was going on in my mind and why I felt unmotivated. From there, I could choose to create the thoughts and emotions that would actually lead me to progress.


Afterwards, I began to:

Set/crush huge goals


Make decisions that align with my goals & values


Eat clean & exercise regularly


Make dean’s list every semester


Improve my relationships



Given that we aren’t taught in school how to train our brain, it is critical that teenagers learn the tools to genuine mental and emotional health.


It is so exciting to watch parents shed the worry and frustration and enjoy watching their teen thrive.


I look forward to getting to know you and your teen!

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