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Are you tired of watching your teenager settle for less?

They are smart and capable. But unmotivated, distracted, uninterested.

You’re worried about their future.

Study tips don’t help and you don’t have to wait for them to “grow out of it”.


I can help right now.

Life Coach for teens & young adults

Katie Rice

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By uncovering their current thinking patterns, they learn how to break through the unhelpful emotions that are holding them back.

They learn what they’re doing, and why.

With these tools, your teen can create a future you both feel excited about.

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Are you ready for longterm growth for your teen once and for all?


I have this program to thank for allowing me to realize the biggest hurdle I was facing was my own self.

It’s mind changing work. Things that are a part of your mentality, that we don’t even realize exist. This work calls upon consistent areas of our lives that we play victim to. The areas that we know we need help in, but choose not to acknowledge. 

Asking the why questions which is what Katie does so graciously, dug to the exact root of the problem all along.

The skills and challenges she offered me each week, opened a different view of myself. It is a very you-driven challenge, given to you by the coaching she provides.

Truthfully this work is for someone who has plateaued in their physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional development. I sought out Katie after recognizing the same monotonous things I was doing to combat my complacency, which were no longer working.

This coaching doesn’t simply offer a better version of yourself, but the best version of yourself.

I whole heartedly recommend seeking out Katie for those who are here to try and become this best version of themselves.



Before I received coaching, I was always headed down a narrow path of negative thinking. Now, I feel like I can look at things with a different perspective when I am overwhelmed or depressed. My thought pattern has done a 180. I don’t feel the weight of my thoughts nearly as much as I did before. Now, I have the tools to control my thought pattern.

I absolutely love that I feel like I can tell Katie anything and everything. I love how approachable she is and that I never feel like I am being judged. She is really great about tailoring the help I need based off of my personal situation as well.

If you struggle with obsessive & recurring thoughts, Katie will help you restructure your thought process to overcome the way you think about things. Not only that, but her mind work is always neutral or positive, so your mind is headed in the right direction while being realistic.

Anyone who needs help learning to think differently, anyone with obsessive thoughts or negative thinking should follow this program; not only that but anyone who just needs some guidance. I love the progress I have made and that I have tools to help me forever.



I enjoyed how comfortable the coaching calls were! I never felt judged and felt comfortable talking to Katie about my life. I now know that I don't have to act on any thought that doesn't serve me. I must purposely choose thoughts that serve me to get to the results I want. The coaching concepts are really helpful for me to reflect on my thoughts and realize how my way of thinking affects the decisions I make.
I recommend that anyone who wants to figure out how they think and the way it affects the results in their life should work with Katie and try life coaching, it's worth it.



Katie’s coaching showed me a world that I didn’t know existed. I was living my life as if I didn't have any power to change it and it was out of my hands. Yet I now know I do have the capability to consciously choose a life that better serves me and what I want to accomplish. Once you work with Katie and do the work, the quicker you get to unlock a life that is beyond your dreams and make it a reality. 



While working with Katie, I learned more about how my brain actually works, and became more self aware/prepared for life situations. I learned things about myself that I wasn't aware of and opened up more than I thought I would. Katie was very easy to communicate with and made it easier for me to open up about how I was feeling.



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